Wednesday, 18 August 2010


OPEN AND CLOSED - My latest piece of work. It's an oil on canvas and quite small 30X40 cms As you can see I've painted the bowl with a medium which gives a glossier finish and the for remaining areas I've just used turps.I wanted to accentuate the two different subjects. It's also made me want to go bigger again. It can be daunting starting a large canvas. What I also tried to do with this painting was to paint with attention and not let the mind wander, to see if that makes a difference to what is percieved by the viewer. The Australian Aborigines paint traditionally with complete attention and as I understand it the process not the finished form that's important 'the form is not the reality' So OPEN AND CLOSED is part of an ongoing practise and could be an analogy of the human nature and the beauty waiting to be revealed.