Monday, 22 November 2010


This could be the final painting but as I've just taken another look at it  I know I'll make some final touches to the Aloe. I had it to this stage a few weeks ago and  I've started another painting. The bowls are quite glossy because of the paint medium I used as you can see from the photo. I still don't have a title for it. I initially wanted to show the overlapping of the bowls and the Aloe echoed it but but there is something of Mother in Law's tongue about this thrusting Aloe and the full rounded curves of the bowls contrast that. It also feels as though there's some kind of competition going on.


Detail of Aloe

This is the almost there stage. I'm still working on the Aloe but the stones and earth in the pots are almost finished. I'll let the those areas dry while I build up the bowls next. It really is a case of looking and looking. I'm still not happy with the quality of the surface of the Aloe yet. It isn't glossy and it isn't matt. I really don't feel I've captured the watery fulness, if that's they way to describe it. Sometimes the light falls onto it and there's a translucency that needs expressing. 
I need to bring the bowls up to the same level before I have another look at the Aloe and I'll make a start by having another look at the green bowl.

I wish I could say that the mind has been still during this painting, but it hasn't, there has been so much noise there.
Stage 6